Disciplined and strategic; smart accounting that transforms average viability into record-setting profitability.

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Peace of mind with your Accounting.

BMI understands that many entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers simply dislike accounting; it can be confusing, time-consuming, and have severe repercussions for inaccuracies.  Stop poring over the books, calculating the numbers, and stressing about trying to follow all the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).  Instead, leave it to the experts.  Leave it to BMI.

Trust and accuracy are the most critical elements of accounting.

No business owner will entrust one of their most vital processes to a stranger without some assurances.  That's why BMI focuses on communication, trust, and honesty in all of its bookkeeping services.  You can rely on BMI's 10 years and billions of dollars of experience; rest easy that your books are in trustworthy hands.

Who manages your books, plus all this?

  • Bookkeeping
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Expense Reports
  • Receipt Management
  • Financial Statements
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • TD1, T4 Form Management
  • I9, W2, W9 Form Management
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • GST 
  • State Tax Calculation
  • Credit Card Statement Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Accounting Business Portal
  • Accountant Business Portal
  • Ease of Communication
  • Integrated Accounting Software
  • Trust, honesty, security

Missing important aspects of Accounting because you're trying to do all this yourself?

Good bookkeeping goes far beyond.  Click the "View All" tab to see the full list of what BMI's Bookkeeping services include, as well as a brief description of each feature.

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Count on BMI's Accounting

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Accounting options, as relevant, can include:


  • Bank statement reconciliation

  • Bank statements saved, filed, and stored in cloud

  • Credit card statement reconciliation

  • Credit card statements saved, filed, and stored in cloud

Receipt Management:

  • Physical pick up of your paper receipts (only available in some locations - contact for availability)

  • Scanned

  • Digital copies of receipts shared between accounting personnel and you via encrypted email-entry-system or cloud folder

  • Organized and sorted

  • Saved and filed in cloud

  • Securely shared with accounting personnel and you

  • Reconcile and associate with statement expenses

  • Option to destroy/shred paper receipts or return to you sorted and bundled for storage


  • All cloud-storage documents and data are encrypted and password protected

  • Approved user access is tracked, recorded, and reported as necessary

Accounts Payable:

  • Payment of expenses according to vendor terms, best practices, and GAAP

Accounts Receivable:

  • Collection, reception, handling, and tracking of revenues according to terms, best practices, and GAAP

Financial Statements:

  • Preparation of monthly and annual income statements

  • Preparation of monthly and annual balance sheets

Expense Reports & Analysis:

  • Summary of specific income statement expense accounts

  • Tracking and reporting of key expenses

  • Creation, distribution, and reporting of expense-based graphs

  • Shared insights and recommendations based on trends and trajectories


  • Setup for new team members

  • Administration, collection, and management of TD1 Personal Tax Credits Return forms

  • Track remuneration arrangements and changes for all team members

  • Track and administer additional pay, perks, benefits, and deductions as necessary

  • Calculate gross and net pay for team members

  • Calculate, withhold, and remit source deductions

  • Design a custom, company-branded payslip

  • Generate and distribute payslips along with pay

  • Distribute pay

  • Receive and manage payroll questions, concerns, and improvement initiatives

  • Prepare and distribute T4s

Corporate Income Tax:

  • Prepare and file T2 Corporate Income Tax return


  • Manage and administer GST remittances

  • File with CRA for GST credits when applicable

Accountant Banking Portal:

  • Setup and operate using according to business-specific and banking preferences

  • Custom accounting personnel access privileges according to scope of work and security preferences

Accounting Business Portal:

  • Secure document, files, and information exchange platform

Easily Accessible:

  • Communication ease between authorized representatives

  • Direct access to accounting personnel via phone, email, chat, or video conference

  • Questions, concerns, clarity, and improvement initiatives

Chartered Accountant Oversight*:

  • *Optional - Additional fees may apply

Integrated Accounting Software:

  • Linked with inventory management, CRM, payment gateways, and other critical business software

  • Custom-branded invoices, quotes, purchase orders and other business documents

  • White-labeled vendor and customer portals enabling seamless interaction







✔ Receipt Management
✔ Accounts Receivable
✔ State / Provincial Tax Management
Chartered Accountant Oversight*





Every BMI Bookkeeping package includes


✔ Financial Statements
✔ Accounts Payable
✔ Accountant Banking Portal





Integrated Accounting Software

✔ Expense Reports & Analysis

✔ Corporate Income Tax Management

✔ Accounting Business Portal

Open Communication

Small business bookkeeping packages apply to businesses that have up to 100 transactions a month, calculated on a rolling average.  Chartered Accountant oversight available at an additional cost.

Medium business bookkeeping packages apply to businesses that have up to 300 transactions a month, calculated on a rolling average.  Chartered Accountant oversight available at an additional cost.

Large business bookkeeping packages apply to businesses that have up to 1000 transactions a month, calculated on a rolling average.  Large business bookkeeping packages include Chartered Accountant oversight at no additional cost.

Not sure your size of business, or how many transactions you do in a month? 
​Don't worry, contact us by clicking here, and BMI will work with you to determine the plan that best matches your needs.

It may not be glamourous, but investing time and money into tracking your company's time and money always pays off in the end.  BMI's President covers 10 undeniable reasons that every company needs an underpinning of solid accounting, despite the perceived boredom that surrounds the topic of accounting in general.