Herein lay the backbone of the organization and its operations.  Effective business administration needs to cyclically standardize, scrutinize, analyze, and improve processes - then repeat the cycle again and again.  We refer to this as perpetual refinement;  the Japanese call it Kaizen (translated: continuous improvement).   And, it's what separates business excellence from mediocrity.    

BMI's Business Administration & Support Team assists our Members in experiencing perpetual refinement where it's most needed:

Customer Service

Infrastructure to ensure queries, support-tickets, and concerns 

are handled professionally and expeditiously. 

Sales Support

Keep the sales team focused on what they do best - it's 

not dotting the i's or crossing the t's!


Tailor-made reception, dispatch, and follow-up processes 

for your communication requirements.

KPI Reports & Performance Analysis

BMI works with you to define, create, track, and report your 

key performance index metrics in useful ways.


Between management and the frontlines, coworkers, 

customers, and vendors - it's critical and it's covered.

Organizing & Prioritizing

Someone has to coordinate the million things flying around 

in your head.  We gotcha!

Project Management & RACI

Ideas are worthless without implementation.  Let's map out 

the steps from vision to reality.

Lead Handling & Dispatch

Ensuring timely and efficient workflow of incoming leads 

from the phones, email, chat, web-forms, and more.

Standard Operating Procedures

Defining and documenting the ways each process should take place creates consistency and enables improvement.

Process Mapping

This is how all the SOPs tie together to operate your business 

from start to finish.

Delegation, Automation, & Elimination

These 3 things will enable owners to focus on what matters, 

instead of trying to juggle everything personally.

Document Preparation, Handling, and Storage

Your time is far too valuable to be spent on any of this.  We'll put it at your fingertips.

Administrative Assistant Salary - $42,9181
​Included with Membership!


Many business owners and managers confuse activity with productivity.  Have you had one of those days when you were busy from beginning to end, putting out fires, responding to urgent requests, and tying up loose ends, yet couldn't genuinely claim to have done anything to advance your objectives?  Dr. Stephen Covey refers to this phenomenon as the "tyranny of the urgent".  BMI's administrative support team will give you breathing space to focus on what is most important.