"One state-of-the-art, continuously upgraded, fully-integrated, fully-customizable operating system for your organization." 
    Try saying that 5 times fast!


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Zoho Setup

We set it up.  We train your team.  We provide ongoing support.  An early-adopter and seasoned user, BMI was perfecting CRM before it was called that.  We adopted cloud-based software before most people had even heard of "the cloud".  And, we relentlessly ingest copious amounts of information on emerging technologies.  Mmmhmm...we can bore you to death and talk for hours on the subject, seemingly oblivious to eyes glazing over while we incessantly gush with geeky enthusiasm.  After exhaustive research, trial and error, and utmost scrutiny, we confidently provide your organization with technological tools and systems that are incomparable and indispensable.

BMI's global cloud database applications partner offers unrivaled business solutions.  With more than 50 applications, greater than 22 years experience, over 50 million users (including major enterprises such as Facebook®, Amazon®, and Netflix™), and thousands of engineers improving the platform daily, we represent the business software world's greatest kept secret.

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IT Specialist Salary - $49,3481
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"I, for one, welcome our new robot and AI overlords." 

Technology is changing our world at an ever-increasing, perhaps exponential, rate.  It can be mind-boggling to try to stay on top of the latest software, tools, apps, and information technology supposedly intended to save you time.  Don't worry; we've got your back.  It's true; we have powerful AI built into our apps.  But, it won't make you it's slave.

...not yet, anyway.