Powerful, versatile, and secure telephony solutions for business.

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Powerful telephonics solutions for every business: 

RingCentral is trusted not only by small companies, it's the platform that BMW, Lyft, Twitter, and hundreds of other big name companies trust to keep their business' phone lines running smoothly.  With a completely customizable backend to make sure it fits your organizational needs, at an unbelievable price, RingCentral can transform your customers' phone experience from average to professional, increasing satisfaction, throughput, and conversion rate.

Complex or Simple, We'll Set It Up For You.

Whether you want a phone tree (known as an IVR, or Interactive Voice Response) as complex as AT&T's, or just a simple system that ensures you don't miss customer calls, RingCentral can handle it.  Even better though, BMI's RingCentral Certified Communication Professionals will customize all of the settings to your exact specifications.  Call waiting and queue settings? Yep.  Employee extensions? No problem.  Hold music, message recordings, direct lines, digital fax numbers, toll free, and everything else? You got it, boss.  The RingCentral and BMI partnership translates telephony solutions directly into your business' success.

​​How customized can RINGCENTRAL get?

Ringcentral's list of Features

You name it...
  • Local Numbers
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Vanity Numbers
  • Extensions
  • Presence and Heads-up Display
  • Call Delegation
  • Call Screening
  • Call Forwarding, Flipping, and Parking
  • Directory and Dial-by-Name
  • Video and Audio Conferencing
  • RingOut
  • Intercom and Paging
  • Analytics Portal and Performance Reports
  • Shared Lines
  • Answering Rules
  • Internet Fax
  • Voicemail-to-email
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Integrated Phones and Accessories
  • Complete Zoho Compatibility
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Multi-site Management
  • Hold Music Customizations
  • Automatic Call Recording
  • ...and so very much more. 

​What does the process look like?

​the steps


You decide RingCentral is right for you and your organization, and click the Buy Now button.


You receive an email from BMI with an information collection form.  After filling it out, BMI will set up your RingCentral Telephony suite with all the data you provide, then turn over the login credentials to you and your staff.


You and your staff log in, and start to get acquainted with your new software.  BMI will help troubleshoot any issues you encounter and ensure that everyone is set up to your liking.


As you use and learn more about RingCentral, you can rest assured that you have the full support of the RC team, 24/7.  You can always direct inquiries and support requests to them, no matter how big or small, and trust that their incredible support team is there to help you out.


Your company thrives like never before with the power of RingCentral.  Eventually, you grow so successful that you need dedicated receptionists, salespeople, and other new staff to meet the demand... and, naturally, BMI has you covered with its Recruitment services!

​What If I need some more info?


What benefits are there to acquiring the software subscription through BMI, as opposed to directly from RingCentral?

It's about peace of mind.

BMI is an authorized partner with RingCentral, and part of that means completing rigorous training on features, setup, and troubleshooting with the software.  Training that takes time; time you don't have, or don't want to have to invest.  Instead, let BMI take the burden of migrating phone systems off your plate, leaving you only to reap the successes, efficiencies, and results of your new telephony solution.  Additionally, there are many opportunities for increasing efficiency through customization and automation. Though, depending on the complexity involved, there may be additional charges associated with this. Check with us to learn more.

Does it cost more to subscribe to the telephony suite through BMI versus acquiring a subscription directly from RingCentral?

Absolutely not.

The price is the same regardless of whether you subscribe to the software through BMI or directly through RingCentral. We do not markup the pricing at all.  Subscribing through BMI, however, provides your business with the opportunity for additional user support, training, set-up and configuration assistance, and customer service contacts, as your needs dictate.

May I just subscribe to the software tools without BMI Membership or individual services?

Yes, absolutely.

BMI is an authorized RingCentral Partner and can organize the complete telephony suite for your business regardless of whether it is a part of the BMI Membership community or not.

How much does the software cost on its own?

You won't believe how competitively priced it is.

The complete telephonics suite is priced according to the size of your business and the number of employees it has. There are discounts for those wishing to subscribe on an annual basis versus month-to-month. Furthermore, pricing is effected by whether your organization requests RingCentral-compatible hardware, in lieu of using 'softphones' (i.e. the RC software on a smartphone).

Here is a summary of the subscription pricing models available:
  1. RingCentral Essentials covers the basics that any company will need to handle inbound calls, such as SMS and phone, and is $19.99/user/month, if paid annually ($29.99/user/month, if billed monthly).  Essentials has a maximum user count of 20.

  2. RingCentral Standard provides not only phone and messaging, but includes the RC Video meeting options that have become so popular in recent years.  Standard costs $24.99/user/month, if paid annually ($34.99/user/month, if billed monthly).

  3. The most popular option by far, and the one that BMI highly recommends, is RingCentral Premium. Premium provides phone, messaging, video, and a full host of integration APIs, perfect for maximizing the interconnectivity and productivity of the phone system.  Premium costs $34.99/user/month, if paid annually ($44.99/user/month, if billed monthly).

  4. If your business needs an absolute titan of a phone system, RingCentral Ultimate provides the solution.  With a features list so long its unreasonable to repeat here, RC Ultimate has the solution to whatever telephony problem you have.  Ultimate costs $49.99/user/month, if paid annually ($59.99/user/month, if billed monthly).

*Note: The pricing shown is plus applicable tax and is in USD.


​​Ready For Your Telephony Solution? Get ringcental now:

RingCentral Premium - 1 Year Subscription w/ BMI Set-up and RC Support

Buy Now

$1479 / Year USD + tax

*Pricing includes 1 year subscription to RingCentral with 2 phone lines, RingCentral's 24/7 Ongoing Support, as well as 10 hours of BMI's RingCentral expert time to set-up, train, and provide support to you and your team, to get you off to a rolling start.  Additional licenses, phone lines, and extra support addons available for purchase.

No matter the size of your business, you need a flexible phone system that drives customer conversion, rather than drives customers away.  Our President discusses the power of having the right tools for the right job, and what software (like RingCentral) is essential for smooth business operation.