No one likes a "know-it-all". 

And, indeed, no one knows it all.  If you have ever felt overwhelmed in one or more of your business decisions or objectives, you're not alone. BMI certainly doesn't hold the secret to universal infused knowledge.  Rather, our business model is founded on the paradigm that typically no one knows more about your business than you;  certainly, no one has a greater vested interest in its success.  We offer acumen from an outsider's perspective, often providing novel and inherently outside-the-box perspectives. 

Yet, there are times when the stakes are too high to rely on anything short of demonstrable expertise and impeccable industry-specific business credentials.  During such times, BMI Client Members profit from the insights of consultants and professional services partners carefully chosen based on their successful track records and proven savvy.

Seasoned lawyers, Chartered Accountants, health care veterans, finance experts, and other specializations are screened and completely accessible to BMI Client Members to competently guide them through the times involving "heavy lifting".  These same experts are involved in setting up, improving, and scrutinizing BMI's core service and support systems, ensuring legal compliance and the application of best practices across the business models employed.


It's referred to as the Dunning-Kruger effect in psychology.  The less we know about something, the greater our self-assessment of our knowledge on the topic.  Conversely, the more we learn about the subject matter, the more we realize how very much more there is to learn.  That's why we need to occasionally rely on those who have spent years mastering a specific topic (i.e. area of expertise).  Ya know?  Yeah, no.