Membership, or à la carte?

A frequently asked question, and the starting decision of how BMI can best serve you and your organization's needs.  Every organization is different, but the core discerning factors remain the same.  To best determine whether you should look at membership, or whether your needs would be best served with the individual services, think of your organization in the context of a weight-trainer.  Your organization has a routine, researched, designed, and implemented by you, the owner.  Like any weight lifter, results come from consistency in routine, a good diet, and plenty of rest.  At some point, you've noticed that your organization isn't bulking up to the levels of success that you'd like to see.  Herein lay the question: have you determined that your organization's routine is solid, but just needs a bit of help, like a spotter keeping a lifter safe and enabling them to push beyond their normal limits?  Have you determined that your routine isn't working, and need a personal trainer to help analyze and refine the process?  Or, have you encountered an unknown unknown, wherein you aren't sure exactly what you don't know, or why things aren't working?

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