What assurances can I rely on regarding the security of my business' proprietary information and confidentiality surrounding data it shares?

BMI takes privacy and data security extremely seriously. Indeed, the ongoing success of its business model depends on its utmost efforts to protect its members' information and maintain its members' trust. Yet, there is always an inherent risk in sharing information. BMI is completely transparent with its members regarding how data is used or shared. BMI never sells member information/data, nor does it share it beyond the scope of what is described in its membership agreements. The software applications employed in BMI's and members' business operations do not collect data for advertising purposes and operate with strict data security protocols.

All members agree to strict confidentiality standards and enter into legal agreements defining the same (i.e. non-disclosure agreements - aka NDAs). All this notwithstanding, BMI strongly recommends that members and prospective members take all reasonable measures to protect their data and proprietary information, especially if or whenever they determine that their standards for security or privacy are not being met. Also, members should always alert BMI to any security or privacy concerns that arise.

Philisophically, BMI operates on the premise that transparency is far more liberating than privacy. With that in mind, members are respectfully encouraged to reflect on what truly constitutes a secret worth keeping. 

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