What is not included as part of my business' membership?

We bet you'll be amazed at just how much BMI will be able to take off your plate and manage for you. However, there are a few things we don't do for you: break dancing lessons, hair removal, and babysitting.

BMI does not provide "boots on ground" involvement in your business operations and management. Also, we operate on the premise that you either already possess or will endeavour to gain the industry expertise necessary to succeed. For example, if you are in the business of space travel, BMI will not profess to bring any special astronomical insights to the table. Instead, we let you stick to the things for which you have passion and expertise while we support business operations and management. Additionally, it is presumed that locational (i.e. on the premises) staff required to run your business is an additional expense for your business and is not included as part of the membership fee. For example, businesses utilizing a sales team will incur this expense above and beyond BMI Membership fees. However, BMI will support your business in attracting, hiring, and retaining such staff (i.e. Human Resources support). 

Management of your marketing strategy is included, but the advertising and promotions budget is not. So, your Super Bowl commercial is on your dime.

Hardware, supplies, and business equipment are not included. Also, our software integrates more easily and ubiquitously than practically anything else available. If you decide to incorporate a process in your organization using the integration of a third-party software, any associated licensing fees or subscriptions levied by that third-party are not included.

Oh...and, you've gotta make your own coffee.

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