Why do I need to apply for membership?

BMI provides unrivalled value to its members by ensuring that demand for resources does not exceed supply. To provide its members the ideal conditions for success, BMI must prioritize existing member needs and restrict the rate at which membership grows to be commensurate with BMI's ability to scale its resources. Membership applications assist BMI in ascertaining the needs of prospective members (i.e. interested businesses) as well as the availability of business service resources.

Furthermore, BMI emphasizes a culture of mutual accountability and adherence to core values. The application process enables both prospective members and BMI to evaluate their compatibility. 

Finally, BMI seeks to grow and diversify its membership in such a way as to provide maximum benefit and synergy to existing and incoming members alike. For example, there may be an opening for a member that operates in a specific industry, possesses particular expertise, or has specific needs, giving preferential weight to applicants that match this criteria. However, as these conditions change with time, previous applications will be reconsidered for membership openings.

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