"What profit is there for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?" - Mark 8:36 

BMI is the only broad-gauge business solutions provider that utilizes a holistic approach and focuses on the overall well-being of the owners, integrating strategies for simultaneous personal and professional success.  We refer to this as Wellth.

BMI’s methodology is centered on foundational market principles and utilizes business basics that can be ubiquitously applied regardless of industry, market, team size, or requisite company-specific specialized knowledge.  Businesses typically internally possess the expertise they need to compete within their markets.  Yet, there are systemic problems common to many businesses that result in symptoms such as underperformance, lack of cooperation among key team members, frustration, and inefficiency.  BMI quickly identifies such symptoms, diagnoses the source, and applies strategic remedies allowing businesses to function with far greater potential.

Unlike other business solution providers, BMI begins with the end in mind; it focuses on the achievement of its client members' primary objectives for personal success.  BMI helps business owners attain personal success along with and through the performance of their businesses.  BMI client members need not sacrifice their physical, emotional, spiritual, social, or financial health in pursuit of business success.

BMI’s mission is to enhance its clients’ Wellth through the careful alignment of all stakeholders’ objectives. 

Our primary operations are centered around five core competencies: Defining and aligning stakeholder Objectives, Diagnosis of maladies from manifest symptoms, Treatment through the application of business process refinement at the root cause, operational and moral Support, and Accountability

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What's Your "Why"?

"Why" is a powerful word - one that should not be taken lightly.  When is the last time you spent time reflecting on why it is that you do what you do?  Why do you choose to be in business?  Why do you work so hard and take on innumerable challenges day after day?  The answer to these and similar questions is your "why" and it deserves your attention.  Sometimes, entrepreneurs lose sight of their "why" and find themselves in blind pursuit of something that a little introspection reveals to be unimportant.  Brainstorm.  Then, condense everything into 2 sentences that accurately define your "why."  We'll help you stay on course.