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BMI's full range of services are included as part of a membership subscription. Subscription fees are derived in relation to the size of member businesses, in addition to as a function of how great an impact BMI is able to have on member organizations' overall profitability and success. In other words, BMI has a vested interest in the growth and success of its members' businesses.

Since there are no long-term commitments on behalf of client members, BMI offers substantial discounts on annual membership subscriptions. This enables client members choices to fit both their budget and appetite for commitment.

Those organizations unable to manage the expense of a membership subscription may apply for the equity exchange pricing model. Be sure to ask for more information on this program in the notes section of the form, should your organization determine this may be a more viable method of becoming a member.

Upon submission of this form, BMI Admissions Board Members will review your application and direct a member of our Wellth Management team to contact you with more information.

There is no obligation whatsoever in this application process.

Accountant Salary$56,0881
Bookkeeper Salary$48,2662
Supply-Chain Manager Salary$65,7113

Administrative Assistant Salary$42,9184
IT Specialist Salary$49,3485
Human Resources Manager Salary$76,9986
Training Specialist Salary - $70,0007

Marketing Specialist Salary$57,6668
General Manager Salary$109,9119
Total - $576,817 / Year​
​Included with Membership!​