• There is a lot that goes into running a business.

    And we do the stuff you don't want to do.

    It really can't be overstated exactly how many operations, processes, and procedures might happen in a single day, in a single organization.  Even the smallest enterprise has a great deal going on under the hood.  Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a newcomer with a start-up, the list of things that have to be done is long.  Really long.  When listing all the things that must be done, no matter how exhaustively done, there are always tasks that get forgotten.  It may be that a task second nature to you, completed so unconsciously that it doesn't strike you as something that is critical.  It may be that you don't see the task as necessary.  Maybe you don't even realize that you're missing a key function from your business.  Whatever the case, BMI is there to support you and your organization, no matter its size.

    To foster this support, there are three foundational pieces: software, process, and execution.  These pieces are also ordered as such because each relies on the one before it.  The execution of a process, for example, cannot happen unless the executor knows that the process even exists and must be completed.  The executor also has to know how to execute the process, or they will flounder.  Yet, each piece is not sufficient by itself.  The definition of how a process is to be completed is not worth much in the absence of someone (or something) to actually execute.

    Enter BMI and its unique approach to business.  We aren't just consultants, we aren't just developers, and we aren't just employees.  Instead, we are a brilliant hybrid of all of those facets.  We're unlike a consultant, who only provides you with the process but does not actually execute. We're unlike a developer, who might build the raw OS but not provide the process.  And, we're unlike an employee who simply executes, given an established process.

    Which variable in the success equation will BMI fill for you?

    BMI is all three.  We understand tech and database administration, we understand business processes, and we have the resources available to execute for you.  To return to the question originally posed, to figure out how BMI can best assist, you only have to figure out which piece(s) your business is missing.  Then, leave it to BMI to fill in those gaps.

    Do you have software (also known as an Operating System, or OS) upon which all your business processes and data can be managed?  Or do you use spreadsheets, email, and other mismatched softwares to try and address each concern, like a Frankenstein's tech monster?  If you don't have a comprehensive and powerful OS, then start here:

    If you have the software (that is, if you already have Zoho), then you're already a third of the way there.  The next question is if the software is set up properly, with an eye to supporting you and your business' scalability.  Do you know how to use all of the bells and whistles Zoho has to offer, across all 50+ of the apps?  Do you know how to define and implement workflows, customizations, and automations to define key business processes, and ensure their consistent execution?  If not, then you want to start here:

    What if you've got the software and the processes, but lack the resources to actually execute what needs to be done?  If that's the case, you need BMI's individual service resources.  Whether it is mobilizing BMI's HR department to find you the best employees, or utilizing the in-house resources BMI already has across our Administration, Accounting, Marketing, or IT departments, execution is straightforward and painless.  Start here: