Accounting and Bookkeeping

Meaningful, well organized financial reports ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis
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Effective accounting practices ensure organizational health by managing, controlling, and analyzing:




Receivables / Payables



Cash Flow




Forecasting / Budgets​Projections / Targeting


Whether your organization has well-established accounting practices, is just getting started, or is in need of a total overhaul, BMI can work with you to apply meaningful improvement and systems that make everyone's lives easier.  We integrate your processes with supporting tools and software applications, as well as CRM, invoicing, collections, inventory, and more.  And, we can both collaborate with your existing accounting personnel, as well as inject additional support and expertise.  From bookkeeping to sophisticated accounting, we've got you covered.

Accountant Salary - $56,0881
Bookkeeper Salary - $48,2662
Supply-Chain Manager Salary - $65,7113
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Whether you hate math, are bored to tears by spreadsheets, or get stressed out at the mere mention of accounting tasks, we all know that it is important.  Yet, some vastly underestimate just how valuable sound accounting practices can be to the success of an organization.  The key is knowing what to look at.

Our integrated accounting-related tools make meaningful performance analytics easy.

One of the greatest educators in the world, Sal Khan (founder of Khan Academy), is a great resource for those that want to learn more about accounting.

Alternatively, you can just do what you love and have BMI help with the books.