systems and processes to run any AND every efficient business.

The difference between business excellence and mediocrity often boils down to the effectiveness of the support staff behind the scenes: Administration.  Enhance your business processes with BMI’s Kaizen approach, by standardizing, scrutinizing, and implementing refinement.

  • Process Documentation & Analysis
  • Workflow Development
  • Legal Document Creation & Guidance
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Delegation, Automation, Elimination
  • Organization Prioritization



The BMI suite of Administration to help relieve the burden of daily operations, and focus your efforts 
where they will make the most impact: your health and your bottom line.


The first step in refinement, documenting processes opens the door for analysis, MUDA identification, and streamlining.

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Custom Workflow

Let the BMI experts evaluate and build efficient workflows for your vital business operations, saving time and money.

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Legal Document

Routine document assistance, from simple contracts to non-solicitation agreements, built for your business needs.

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Vital for building loyalty and repeat business, BMI has solutions for handling your customers’ needs professionally and expeditiously.

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what DO you get  with  our Administrative serviceS?


Process Documentation

The starting point of all decision-making and refinement, determining what you know (or don’t know) about all the moving parts of a process begins with rigorous documentation.  Working with a BMI Workflow Development Expert, build the complete map, from start to finish, of the processes that keep your business running.  This documentation can make it clear how to measure efficiency, where there is redundancy, the stakeholders involved, potential bottlenecks, and the best tools to streamline the execution.

Process Analysis

A trained eye can spot wasteful over-processing and redundancies in a process just by looking at it.  By utilizing the Japanese concept of Kaizen - continual improvement - BMI’s experts can analyze a documented process and provide key insights on areas for refinement.  With these observations and suggestions, BMI can build your strategy, providing a route from the current state to the desired state, reevaluating and readjusting periodically to keep on track.

Process Refinement Design

As technology becomes increasingly smarter and more powerful, many steps within a process can be modernized via automation or elimination.  The ultimate step in process improvement, let BMI’s Workflow Development Experts transform a process improvement strategy into an autonomous, turnkey process that minimizes cost, labour, and error.  Customized designs and workflows fit your business needs, elevating your business to levels of efficiency that the competition can’t match.

Legal Document Creation

Contracts are an inseparable part of business, but they don’t have to be impenetrable.  Years of business experience has afforded BMI exposure to best practices when building a legal business document; practices that help avoid common pitfalls, expensive consultations, and extensive lead times.  Designed by lawyers, BMI’s legal document creation service offers a wide range of masterfully crafted templates to suit most small business needs.

Non-Solicitation Agreements

A staple of protecting hard-won customer loyalty, trade secrets, or poaching specialized talent, non-solicitation agreements ensure that both parties can operate with objectives aligned, in protection and efficiency.  Common in medical offices, joint ventures, and smaller markets, these agreements can be vital in helping keep you and your business secure.  BMI can guide you through the process of building a non-solicitation agreement, overseen by our legal team.

Employment Contracts

Structuring an employee’s contract, providing clarity to expectations, obligations, and remuneration, is the framework for aligning new staff objectives with business objectives.  Under this framework, miscommunications, misunderstandings, or misconceptions about what is, or isn’t, expected of an employee are eliminated, along with many reasons for turnover.  Let BMI guide you through the complexities of employment contracts to help ensure the time and resources spent hiring talent are not wasted.


The start to finish of BMI Process Documentation, Analysis, and Design.


After selecting your service tier, BMI will reach out and inquire which process(es) you want documented, analyzed, or designed.  Once selected, our Workflow Development Experts will run the process through with you and the other stakeholders involved to see the current state, taking extensive notes along the way.  While observing, we’ll ask questions about related systems, staff, and technologies that will help build a clearer picture of the full process map.


Once the Workflow Development Expert has an understanding of the process, documentation can begin.  Depending on the complexity of the process, the best method to record the steps may differ; some processes are best listed out as a step-by-step text document, while others may have a flow chart or diagram.  Your BMI expert will work with you to determine what documentation style makes the most sense for your needs, and what style provides the most accurate representation.


With the process laid out in complete documentation, analysis for Muda - waste - can begin.  Your BMI expert will build a strategy that tackles the weakest parts of the process first so that immediate returns on investment can be realized.  Analysis and refinement are neverending,so after you implement the BMI recommendations, a re-analysis and re-evaluation of areas for improvement may be prudent. We recommend a process is analyzed at least once a year to make sure that it is still efficient, effective, and relevant.

Workflow Design

Improvements to a process often call for automation, delegation, or elimination.  When you need assistance implementing the BMI strategy, or want BMI to build enhancements to your process, your Workflow Development Expert can design custom solutions with powerful tools to eliminate or automate processes, saving time, money, and removing them as an ongoing, nagging task.  Rather than dedicate resources to refinement that can be directed and utilized best elsewhere, let the BMI experts take care of everything, from observation to implementation.

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Hours of Customization

  Let us build a custom quote for your business. Ideal for companies with 50 or more employees and have an overabundance of processes that need to be automated and refined.
First 2 Months2040
Next 10 Months1020
Additional Hours*$75/Hour$60/Hour

Monthly Billing Option


Annual Billing Option

(Save $500 over Monthly!)
(Save $750 over Monthly!)
*Additional Hours? What’s That? BMI wants to help your business grow at the rate that is comfortable and achievable for you. Each package is sized to be able to document, analyze, and refine an average of one process a month. Additional hours are available to you if you want to go above and beyond what each tier offers, whether it is to document several processes, or to have advanced custom workflows developed, to support you in the accomplishment of your business goals. Ideal for companies with 10 or less employees, or businesses that are looking for core processes to be automated and refined.Ideal for companies with 11-25 employees, or businesses that have several processes that need to be automated and refined.
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Select Yearly Plan
Select Monthly Plan
Select YearlyPlan
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20 Hours Of Customization For The First 2 Months

10 Hours of Customization For The Next 10 Months

Monthly Billing Option: $479/Month

Annual Billing Option:$5244 / Year

Ideal for companies with 10 or less employees, or businesses that are looking for core processes to be automated and refined.



40 Hours Of Customization For The First 2 Months

20 Hours of Customization For The Next 10 Months

Additional Hours: $60 / Hour

Monthly Billing Option: $816 / Month

Annual Billing Option: $9036 / Year

Ideal for companies with 11-25 employees, or businesses that have several processes that need to be automated and refined.



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Let us build a custom quote for your business. Ideal for companies with 50 or more employees, and have an overabundance of processes that need to be automated and refined.


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