Bob the Ostrich

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Meet Bob. Bob is a 42-year-old business owner in downtown Nowheresville. He has a loving wife, Sally, and 2 children, Lil' Timmy and Lil' Carol. Bob leaves his house to go to work, Monday through Friday, around 7:25 AM to arrive at his shop around 8 AM. He leaves early so he can take an extra minute...

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How to Learn the Skills You Need for Business

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BYOB: Be Your Own Boss

Starting your own business can be more than just a dream. It can be very real—and surprisingly profitable if you take the right steps and precautions. It is good to have confidence and energy going into any new venture, and starting a new business is no different, but ever...

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Why Are You Doing That!?

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In business, the question "Why?" was born of a desire to improve. How can you improve your business by asking "Why?"
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High Risk, High Reward Marketing

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An analysis of the best- and worst-case outcomes by utilizing anthropomorphic marketing techniques.
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