5 Steps Every Business Owner Needs to Run a Successful Business

By A BMI Team Member

There are five steps that every business owner needs to run a successful business; the problem being that the first two are very well-known. The first and second step have saturated the market so much that many business owners think that's all they have to do. They often start with th...

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How To Gather The Right Team For Your Organization

By A BMI Team Member

If you are looking to build the ultimate dream team for your organization, look no further. The entire fate of your business depends on creating a team that will boost your organization's productivity and livelihood. If you are in the startup process and are ready to start assemb...

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Political Workplace: A Navigational Map (Part 2)

By A BMI Team Member

Gary and Ed, and even you have an agenda at work that each would like to achieve. When agendas conflict with one another, or worse, conflict with the company's agenda, the politics of the office begin to arise. While Bickert Management ensures that each employees' goals and agendas aligned with the ...
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Who Will Help Me Plant the Wheat?

By A BMI Team Member

Leadership involves clearly communicating a vision. To those wishing to tilt the odds of success in their favor, I advise focusing a great deal on attracting, hiring, developing, and maintaining the best team members possible. Then, empower your team!
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Did He Say Something About a Mud Poodle?

By A BMI Team Member

In order to sustain, businesses must perpetually seek to increase their value proposition. Value is composed of four primary constituents: the customer experience, quality, convenience, and pricing. Assuming you're not fortunate enough to be running a monopoly, you will need to always look for ...

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