Bob the Ostrich

By A BMI Team Member

Meet Bob. Bob is a 42-year-old business owner in downtown Nowheresville. He has a loving wife, Sally, and 2 children, Lil' Timmy and Lil' Carol. Bob leaves his house to go to work, Monday through Friday, around 7:25 AM to arrive at his shop around 8 AM. He leaves early so he can take an extra minute...

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How To Gather The Right Team For Your Organization

By A BMI Team Member

If you are looking to build the ultimate dream team for your organization, look no further. The entire fate of your business depends on creating a team that will boost your organization's productivity and livelihood. If you are in the startup process and are ready to start assemb...

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Is your Work Force in Right Balance? Rethink your Recruitment Process

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Right people bring the right attitude, skills, and expertise to the organization, creating a work-friendly environment where harmony and prosperity lead the company along the road to success

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A Political Workplace: A Navigational Map

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It appears inevitable, and perhaps even to be expected, that every work place has the proverbial water cooler, the locale for various employees gathering, gossiping, and spreading the different rumor of the day. As modern technology has evolved, however, the water cooler has become more global. So...

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The 4 Obligations of Management

By A BMI Team Member

What are the 4 Obligations of Management that may help you become an exceptional manager and eventually help your team, department and your organization to run smoothly? Michael Bickert, President of Bickert Management Inc. discusses the 4 Obligations of Management that every Manager, team member an...
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