Bob the Ostrich

By A BMI Team Member

Meet Bob. Bob is a 42-year-old business owner in downtown Nowheresville. He has a loving wife, Sally, and 2 children, Lil' Timmy and Lil' Carol. Bob leaves his house to go to work, Monday through Friday, around 7:25 AM to arrive at his shop around 8 AM. He leaves early so he can take an extra minute...

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5 Steps Every Business Owner Needs to Run a Successful Business

By A BMI Team Member

There are five steps that every business owner needs to run a successful business; the problem being that the first two are very well-known. The first and second step have saturated the market so much that many business owners think that's all they have to do. They often start with th...

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How to Evaluate Your Business's Worth

By A BMI Team Member

When it comes to making smart decisions for a business, most owners and financial planners want to focus on business worth—and for good reason. Evaluating a business’s worth is important, not only to ensure that the business remains profitable and is meeting its financial goals, but also as a t...

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Mastering the Delegation Process in a Small or Mid-Sized Company

By A BMI Team Member

What would happen to your business if you were taken out of the picture? It can happen for any number of reasons – a family emergency, a long-term illness, or a serious accident, for instance. For many business owners and CEOs, the answer is that their business would ultimately fail. They are t...

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The Cost of Not Knowing Your Target Audience

By A BMI Team Member

Public speaking, performing arts, pitching, and marketing—what do all these have in common? These seemingly diverse niches are all unified in their need to “know their audience.” However, what does that type of knowledge entail? You may have heard this concept iterated as a company’s ...

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