Sshhh...! Don't tell anyone; this is the pièce de résistance - where most of the magic happens.

BMI's proprietary Vitality Index Peer support Group (or VIPs Group) enables members to network with a diverse community of business owners and benefit from mutual support, strategic advice, brainstorming, the sharing of best practices, and accountability. Not only do members experience mentorship, they also participate as mentors themselves and develop invaluable growth in leadership skills and keen insight into business success formulae. The opportunity for contextual learning and real-world case study participation provides members with priceless insight into business challenges and how to overcome them. Furthermore, VIPs Group afford members the opportunity to team up with others who share or have experienced similar problems and obstacles from day-to-day. There is incredible power in knowing you are not alone, in persevering in pursuit of a goal, receiving some words of wisdom, and being held accountable to commitments for taking action. 

Some seemingly brilliant innovation occurs as the result of simply applying proven business tactics from another industry.


You can't always confide in your internal team the way you can with professional peers that share your challenges as the business owner.


Someone to hold your feet to the fire.  VIPs Group Members are serious about holding one another accountable to commitments.

Support & Encouragement

It never hurts to have a cheering section.  VIPs Group Members benefit from mutual success and are very supportive of one another's objectives.

Fresh Perspectives

VIPs Group Members provide novel perspectives into one another's businesses and how to meet respective challenges.

It's not about business success per se...

It's about how a successful business will enable you to maximize your investment in the most important things in your life.