BMI works closely with its Client Members to ensure that existing and new team members are trained to deliver predictable and desirable results consistently.  This begins with collaboratively defining and documenting objectives and associated processes.  Then, multimedia mechanisms are employed to communicate these to stakeholders.  Finally, each team member's proficiency and mastery of trained materials is recorded, tracked, monitored, and reported.

The benefits of investing in properly training your team are undeniable:

Quality of Work

Need we state the obvious? Taking the time to explain expectations, demonstrate processes, and train your people greatly increases quality of workmanship.

Greater Productivity

When the team knows precisely what to do and how to do it, productivity continues to improve over time.

Better Customer Experiences

Retaining a customer is far less expensive than attracting a new one. Customer retention is very closely correlated with your customers' service experience

Improved Staff Retention

Businesses cannot succeed in a revolving-door environment. "Employee churn", "turn-over", "attrition", "defection", or whatever you choose to call it can prevent an organization from ever realizing its potential. Yet, too often, management fails to assign the necessary priority to training that produces happy, engaged, empowered, and productive team members.

Training Specialist Salary - $70,0001
​Included with Membership!

Contextual learning unquestionably produces better and longer-lasting training results.  Businesses need to account for the time necessary for staff to grasp the concept of exactly why they are instructed to perform operations in a specific way.

New team members are sponges for learning and are great assets to business owners due to their fresh and unique perspectives.  When considered as newly hired protégés, apprentices, or interns, trainees can provide insights into a business to which long-standing management may have become oblivious.