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Here at BMI, we offer website development for all types of companies and customize it to fit your unique business. From simple websites to more advanced websites, our web development team treats every business with the respect it deserves. After all, it’s your brand we’re talking about here!

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The 'BASIC' subscription provides you with everything you need to put your business on the map and improve your online presence. You will have access to a maximum of five webpages, all of which are mobile friendly. The package also comes with many free perks, such as a free website template, a free domain, and techs who will set up your domain free of charge. IT services will optimize your webpages to rank well in search engines so that your customers can find you. 

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The 'PREMIUM' subscription comes with all the perks of the BASIC plan (free domains, setup, SEO optimization, and mobile browser compatibility) plus additional benefits. Your website will be designed from the ground to suit your needs, with a maximum of 10 webpages at your disposal. You will also have access to tools like chatbot and Google Analytics integrations if you’d like. Along with the website itself, the PREMIUM package provides a standard subscription to marketing tools like Zoho, Pagesense, SalesIQ, and Forms so that you can boost your business management.

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If you have more requirements and want a highly advanced website, you can request for customization. 

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