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Holistic solutions to support the work-life balance of every business owner.

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The support team for business owners: 
VIPs Group.

The decision to undergo an entrepreneurial pursuit is an incredibly bold but risky endeavor.  Navigating the markets, reading and reacting to data, and making sure that you are making the best decisions to drive your organization's success is tough, even for veteran business owners.  Join BMI's VIPs Group and receive expert advice, the time to use a full panel of entrepreneurial minds as a sounding board, and the peace of mind that you do not have to go about your business struggles alone.

Vitality Index Peer Support Group.

The double entendre is intentional: our VIPs Group members are very important people.  They are the managers, owners, decision-makers, or stakeholders of businesses across the world and in every industry.  Their decisions are very important, as they have a substantial impact on their respective organizations' success and their employees.  Despite that, as the top-level leaders of their business, who keeps them accountable and on track for continual improvements? Who acts as the mentor, the coach, the support team, the devil's advocate, or the cheerleader? Bickert Management's VIPs Group is designed with small business owners in mind.  A meeting of business owners from all industries and walks of life, discussions and deliberations focus on performance metrics, challenges, practical solutions, commendations, accountability, and teamwork that you can implement in your business.  Have a platform to vent stress, seek advice on your specific problems, and combine your voice and unique experiences with others to create synergistic improvement for everyone involved.  Who helps balance professional with personal for a true holistic success?  The VIPs Group.

​what DO you get  with  the VIPs group?

​​What's included


VIPs Group meetings are held monthly, on the last weekday of the month in the morning.  With your membership to the VIPs Group Meeting, you'll receive access to the video conference, recorded minutes, action items, and the guidance of a BMI-certified moderator.  Utilize the time to discuss business problems with other small business owners, request advice, share solutions, socialize, vent, or just listen and be inspired.  The VIPs Group helps develop actionable items for you and your business and keeps you accountable for your own success.  BMI ensures that a wide diversity of industries and businesses are congregated together to enable a breadth of ideas, but works to prevent conflicts of interest or competition - you don't have to worry that you will be placed in a group where you can't speak openly or freely.

VIPs Group Membership is best capitalized on when its members have an ongoing report of the progress they are making in their organization.  This report can quickly and easily highlight areas of concern, and direct the conversation on what action items within your organization require your most immediate attention.  This report can be as simple as the monthly financial statement, or a more intricately maintained Report Card that covers multiple areas of your business.

​What does the process look like?

​​the steps


You decide the VIPs Group Membership is right for you, and purchase it.


You receive an email from BMI with an invitation to the next VIPs Group Meeting.  All of the meetings are hosted virtually, via RingCentral.  For your first meeting, follow the link to pre-setup all of your video and audio settings, as well as ensuring the software is ready for the meeting.  First-time setup instructions will be included in your initial email.


On the day of the meeting, follow the meeting link and join the waiting room.  The meeting starts promptly at the time listed, so make sure you're online in advance, coffee in hand.


Led by the BMI Moderator, members will review action items from the last meeting, discuss successes and shortcomings, problems and solutions, and set an individualized action plan for you and your organization for the coming month.


At the conclusion of the meeting, you will receive an invitation to the next meeting to mark in your calendar, as well as a copy of the minutes and action items.  Complete the action items, make note of your successes, where you struggle, what questions you have, and join the VIPs Group Meeting again starting at step 3.  Repeat ad infinitum as you perpetually refine your business.


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$149 / Month USD + tax

Being held accountable for what must be done is the truest and quickest path to success, and the hardest path to travel. Our President discusses the power of accountability, its absolutely critical nature, and why sometimes even the best need a mechanism (like the VIPs Group) to help them along.