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What is BMI?, Why BMI?

A trusted name in Business for over 19 years, Bickert Management has been a leader in innovation, refinement, and objective-alignment since it's inception in 2004.  From humble beginnings, BMI has expanded and grown to have expertise in every aspect of general management and business.  Our current team's cumulative experience includes 30 years of sales, 22 years of Human Resource management, 28 years of professional training and onboarding, 15 years of digital marketing, 18 years of low and high code, web development and design, over 25 years of cloud database design and management, 15 years of business process refinement and automation, and a plethora of other IT&OS elements, as well as 10 years of Accounting, 20 years of exemplary customer service, and an entire host of other specializations and expertise.  There is almost no business scenario that BMI and it's team have not encountered before.

The foundational belief that this experience can be leveraged to help small businesses worldwide led to the creation of the Wellth Membership, Bespoke Solutions, and Individual Services offerings. With special knowledge of the gold-standard and globally-studied management system known as The Toyota Way, BMI is uniquely positioned to provide its clients with competitive advantages and opportunities to achieve elusive objectives.  Derived from BMI's collective experience arises unwavering certainty of the existence of a universally applicable set of management practices.  BMI establishes this set of management practices within its member's organizations.

​BMI Core Values

"Do to others as you would have them do to you." - Luke 6:31

BMI strives, above and beyond the pursuit of profit - both for itself or its clients and members - to act justly, honestly, and in good faith.  BMI is a privately-held, family-run company, to prevent conflicts of interest between shareholders and management; there is no external or investor pressure to raise share value at any cost.  This gives BMI the freedom to always do what is right and fair, making decisions that have the long-term interest for our clients at heart.


  • Seek first to understand, then be understood
  • Commensurate Value Exchange (i.e. win/win, fairness)
  • Respect for how environment, behavior, and attitudes affect others
  • Understand that individual paradigms determine attitudes and behaviors
Empathy- BMI
Integrity -BMI


  • Alignment of what we believe, what we think, what we say, and what we do
  • Organizational (i.e. owners, management, and frontline personnel) Objective Alignment


  • Candor
  • Honesty
  • Eschew exaggeration or deception
  • Acknowledgement of what the data indicates over mere perception and opinions
  • Understand the limitations of and difference between perception, interpretation, recall, and communication (i.e. a disagreement does not equate to intentional deception)
Truth -BMI
Collaboration -BMI


  • Between BMI and its clients
  • Teamwork within a business
  • Community support
  • Distribution of idea generation and implementation, productivity, and accountability


  • Accurate measurement
    • Focus on comparison to our history, not our competitors
  • Refine in perpetuity
    • Acknowledgement that it will never be perfect, yet the pursuit is critical
    • It is more practical to implement 100 small, impactful ideas than 1 major overhaul
  • Seek ideas everywhere and endeavor to implement 100%
    • Go and see - witness production firsthand and communicate with those most intimately familiar with processes and their limitations
    • Elimination of waste
  • Challenge everything
    • Understand that the status quo may be inefficient or antiquated
Improvement -BMI
BMI recognized as Regional Cahmpion by Zoho

The Proof Is In The Execution

Our methods, combining incredible business management expertise with a vast experience of Zoho implementations, are not just proven to be successful, they're critically acclaimed.  Recognized by Zoho themselves as one of the leading Zoho Partners, you can rest assured that there is no business need or Zoho application that we can't handle.

Our Unbelievable Résumé of Business Training

Proof of our business management expertise is abundant, but sometimes a world-class name is worth a thousand words.  Here are just some of the exclusive business management schools and teachers Bickert Management's team has studied under on our never-ending quest to master all things business.

FranklinCovey -BMI
Disney Institute -BMI
Nada Academy -BMI
University of Toronto -BMI
Traver Technologies -BMI
World Business Forum -BMI

Certified Expertise

No matter your Zoho needs, we've got you covered.  Don't take our word for it though, take Zoho's.

Zoho CRM Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho CRM

Convert leads and close 

sales deals faster.

Zoho Books Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Books

Powerful financial platform 

for growing businesses.

Zoho Recruit Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Recruit

Intuitive recruiting platform built to 

provide hiring solutions.

Zoho Campaign Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Campaigns

Create, send, and track targeted email campaigns that drive sales.

Zoho Desk Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Desk

Helpdesk software to deliver 

great customer service.

Zoho Analytics Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Analytics

Modern self-service BI and 

analytics platform.

Zoho Projects Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Projects

Manage, track, collaborate on 

projects with teams.

Zoho Inventory Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Inventory

Powerful stock management and inventory control software.

Zoho Creator Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Creator

Build customized apps to simplify 

business processes.

Zoho People Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho People

Organize, automate, and simplify 

your HR processes.

A Trusted Name

Our list of delighted clients continues to grow, and grow, and grow.

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