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Boost Your Business with BMI's Zoho One implementation services. At BMI, we bring a unique approach to business management that truly sets us apart. We're not just your average Zoho implementation service – we're dedicated to comprehending your specific challenges, identifying their underlying causes, and aligning ourselves with your business goals. Our approach delves deeper to ensure that Zoho's suite of applications is adeptly harnessed to cater to your unique requirements.

Zoho One Implementation -BMI
Zoho One contains more than 40 Apps

What is Zoho One Implementation? 

A Zoho One Implementation is a comprehensive process aimed at assisting a business in configuring and incorporating the Zoho One suite into its operations. This multifaceted undertaking encompasses customizing the robust array of business applications to align with the specific requirements of the organization, thereby enabling the full utilization of these tools to optimize business operations, boost productivity, and ultimately enhance overall success.

With over 40 applications at your disposal, tailoring and optimizing your Zoho One suite is a transformative journey that demands time, patience, and expertise. BMI understands the nuances of your business, acknowledging its unique processes, challenges, and requirements derived from our extensive experience across diverse industries. We believe in attention to detail, and that's why every Zoho implementation we undertake is a bespoke solution, carefully crafted to fit your individual needs.

Why Select BMI For Your Zoho Implementation Needs?

You don't just need a Zoho setup; you need a dedicated partner who won't leave you to figure it all out and maintain it on your own. What you truly need is a partner who invests time in learning your business, continually improves your systems, offers insights, feedback, and valuable suggestions. A partner who is steadfastly committed to ensuring your long-term success, along with that of your team and business.

BMI centers its approach on four fundamental principles: 

saving you time, reducing costs, boosting your company's revenue, and providing peace of mind.

30,000+ Hours
 of Zoho implementation

65+ Industries


$1 Billion+ Revenue
​generated from our expertise

  • Profound Proficiency: BMI boasts a team of certified Zoho experts, with a collective experience of tens of thousands of hours in configuring and fine-tuning Zoho One. We possess a comprehensive grasp of the platform's capabilities and excel at tailoring it to meet unique requirements.
  • Optimized Value: At BMI, our Zoho One implementation services are designed with one primary objective – to maximize the return on your software investment. By meticulously refining your Zoho One implementation, we're dedicated to reducing expenses linked to inefficiencies and redundancies, all while ensuring our services remain cost-effective.
  • Exemplary Customer SupportAt BMI, we take pride in our commitment to exceptional customer service. When you choose us for your Zoho One implementation, you not only gain access to our technical expertise but also a team that is dedicated to your satisfaction. We're here to provide you with support, guidance, and solutions every step of the way.
  • In-Depth TrainingBMI offers comprehensive training to ensure that your team fully understands how to make the most of Zoho One's extensive suite of applications. This helps your teams become proficient in using Zoho One, improving their productivity and efficiency in day-to-day operations. 
  • Powerful Automations: BMI excels at leveraging your Zoho One systems to automate, eliminate, or delegate tasks that can be inefficient and costly. This approach reduces wasteful processes, also known as "Muda," and allows your team members to concentrate on their most valuable tasks, ultimately adding more value to your company.
  • Inherent Scalability: BMI ensures that the Zoho One solution we implement can effortlessly adapt and expand as your business grows and changes, providing a scalable solution to accommodate your evolving needs.
Why choose BMI as  your zoho one implementation expert?

 Zoho One Implementation Process

7 steps-Zoho One Implementation

The Zoho implementation process kicks off with a deep understanding of your business's requirements, pain points, and areas for enhancement. Addressing only surface-level issues, without delving into the root causes of pain points, can result in subpar solutions. 

The Perpetual Refinement Approach by BMI -we've fine-tuned this process over time, consistently following the same steps no matter your situation. Our approach focuses on identifying the root problems you want to solve, not just a quick fix. We're dedicated to building systems that are scalable, efficient, and built to last.

Step 1 - Needs Identification

The process begins when a need surfaces, making itself apparent to either BMI or to our clients. We don't rely on our clients to highlight their needs, BMI takes a proactive approach and constantly seeks to find the next thing to improve, so you don't have to. Whether the need is identified by our clients, or our staff, the process starts with defining the challenge, and which skillsets and expertise should be involved in the solutions development (don't send in the Accounting expertise for HR challenges!)

Step 2 - The '5 Whys?'

Why, why, why, why, why? The well-established Toyota methodology of the 5 Whys is the next step in the process. Like a doctor doing diagnostics, the identification of a need (a symptom, as it were) does not mean that the root cause has been identified. This crucial step is so often skipped, where others apply a remedy to address the need without deep-diving into the cause. BMI forces both our clients and staff to answer the 5 Whys, arriving at the true crux of the need, and beginning solution formulation from there.

Step 3 - Nemawashi

Plan rigorously, execute rapidly. Identification of the core of what needs to be addressed is often exciting, and the desire to fly into action is strong. BMI knows that planning is the foundation upon which execution is laid, and so all options must be considered. To build a system with scalability, efficiency, and longevity at its heart, time must be spent determining which of the multitude of solutions is the best.

Step 4 - Respect

The odd-ball step, and another crucial step that is so often skipped by others, the next (and final) step before implementation is to talk to the stakeholders. In the Toyota Way, this is defined as respect, to take their opinions, feedback, and suggestions into consideration. More importantly, BMI knows that the best solutions are not the ones that solely address managerial concerns; the best solutions are the ones that address the concerns and are widely adopted. Top-down changes without talking to the stakeholders - those affected by the changes - are often met with resistance, hesitation, or overlook factors important to the team. A solution that doesn't have team buy-in isn't actually a solution.

Step 5 - Implement

The plan is set, the team is onboard, let's build the solution! Implementation is the most straightforward step, and the one that most want to rush to right away. By delaying implementation to put all the other factors into place, the solution implemented is far superior to any alternative. This is also the most fun step, as you get to see your Zoho suite take shape, transforming to better suit your needs, and relieve a pain point.

Step 6 - Genchi Genbutsu

The solution is in place, but the process is not over. Known as management by walking around, it is important to take the time to check with the stakeholders how the solution is working. Observing the effects of the solution by talking directly to those impacted provides far more valuable insights and data: data that can be used to better adjust the system, make small tweaks, changes, and improvements. The first implemented version of the solution is never perfect, and multiple iterations based on this real data, use-cases, and feedback will guide all the future versions.

Step 7 - Refinement & Evaluation

Armed with real use-case data and stakeholder feedback, another round of refinement and implementation takes place. In fact, refinement will continue indefinitely until the ROI Evaluation is satisfied. With each iteration, there are diminishing returns, so it is important to actively ensure that the return from further refinements are balanced against the resources required to make the improvement. Where this balance is differs based on many variables, but there is always a point to move on to the next solution, actively making sure that perfection is not the enemy of excellent, nor a blinding goal. Every system will always need further refinement. The secret is to focus on the systems that produce the highest ROI.

(The Informal Step 8)

Lather, Rinse, Repeat! Business is dynamic, people change, markets shift, and solutions open new possibilities. Without fail, the implementation of one solution provides new insight into a new need, and the cycle begins anew. BMI knows that Perpetual Refinement is the difference between a good and great company, and works diligently to always be implementing the next system for you that will make the greatest difference to you, your team, and your company's success.

Certified Expertise

No matter your Zoho needs, we've got you covered.  Don't take our word for it though, take Zoho's.

Zoho CRM Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho CRM

Convert leads and close 

sales deals faster.

Zoho Books Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Books

Powerful financial platform 

for growing businesses.

Zoho Recruit Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Recruit

Intuitive recruiting platform built to 

provide hiring solutions.

Zoho Campaign Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Campaigns

Create, send, and track targeted email campaigns that drive sales.

Zoho Desk Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Desk

Helpdesk software to deliver 

great customer service.

Zoho Analytics Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Analytics

Modern self-service BI and 

analytics platform.

Zoho Projects Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Projects

Manage, track, collaborate on 

projects with teams.

Zoho Inventory Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Inventory

Powerful stock management and inventory control software.

Zoho Creator Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho Creator

Build customized apps to simplify 

business processes.

Zoho People Certified Expertise -BMI

Zoho People

Organize, automate, and simplify 

your HR processes.

Executing Excellence: Proof of BMI's Success

Our approach, which combines extensive business management expertise with a wealth of experience in Zoho implementations, isn't just successful; it's highly praised. In fact, BMI's outstanding performance has earned us the title of regional champion in 2023. Zoho recognizes us as a leading partner, assuring you that we can handle any business need or Zoho application.

BMI recognized as Regional Cahmpion by Zoho


 Clients love us, and our list of delighted clients keeps on growing.

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