• Zoho Set-Up, Integrations, & Custom Workflows

    The trusted name in all things Zoho, BMI is your ultimate Zoho resource.  From setting up apps, customizing UIs, fields, and forms, building custom Creator applications, designing, implementing, and automating workflows, integrations, to everything in between, you'll never have to worry about your business OS ever again.  BMI works with you and your team to continuously build towards your desired state, ensuring Zoho does everything you need of it, and perpetually refining your workflows to improve efficiencies.  Our Zoho experts take care of everything, so you can focus on the areas you are most needed, driving your business forward.

    Book an appointment with BMI to get a quote!

    To get your custom quote, we need to know a bit about you!  The best way to discuss your needs, concerns, and questions is always a quick, virtual meeting.  Select the time that works best for you, grab a coffee, and let one of the BMI members get to know you, your business, and learn how BMI can help you.

    Maximize Zoho's Potential - Contact Us Now!

    With BMI's Zoho experts at your disposal, maximizing the effectiveness of your Zoho suite is a breeze.  Our experts work with you and your team to determine what your needs are, the priority of execution, and suggestions for improvement, then set to it.  All you have to do is tell us what you want, then sit back, relax, and watch us work our Zoho magic!

    It isn't just about making sure your needs are addressed though.  BMI utilizes its expansive business understanding and Zoho expertise to implement and refine your suite in ways that you might not have even thought were possible!  To that end, BMI doesn't just wait for your marching orders, or only work on your requests.  We also strive to make sure that every Zoho app is operating at maximum efficiency for your business.  Whether that means setting up pieces that you haven't heard of, and demonstrating their value to you, making universally applicable improvements (like whitelabelling and brand consistency), or further refining established processes to maximize your competive advantage, BMI is always hard at work for you.

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