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VIPs Group Membership

As the boss of your own small business, who keeps you accountable and on track for continually improvements? Who acts as your mentor, your coach, your support team, your devil's advocate, or your cheerleader? Bickert Management's VIPs Group is designed with small business owners in mind. A  meeting of business owners from all industries and walks of life, along with a moderator and a Wellth Management representative, VIPs Group discussions and deliberations focus on performance metrics, challenges, practical solutions, commendations, accountability, and team work that you can implement in your business. Have a platform to vent stress, seek advice on your specific problems, and combine your voice and unique experiences with others to create synergistic improvement for everyone involved. You don't have to face the challenges of business alone; seek the wisdom of others, seek the BMI VIPs Group.

How does it work?

VIPs Group Meetings are held monthly, usually on the last weekday of the month in the morning.  With your membership to the VIPs Group Meetings, you'll receive access to the video conference, recorded minutes, action items, and the guidance of a BMI certified moderator.  Utilize the time to discuss business problems with other small business owners, request advice, share solutions, socialize, vent, or just listen and be inspired.  The VIPs Group helps develop actionable items for you and your business, and keeps you accountable to your own success.  BMI ensures that a wide diversity of industries and businesses are congregated together to enable a breadth of ideas, but works to prevent conflicts of interest or competition - you don't have to worry that you will be placed in a group where you can't speak openly or freely.

Membership Starting at $129.99 / Month

VIPs Group Membership