Case Study - Frontline Medical, Innovative Patient Care: A Zoho-Powered Revolution in Freestanding ER Operations

By - Fufang
12.07.23 2:23 PM

Frontline Medical is a freestanding ER not connected with any hospital. With facilities in Dallas and Houston, they have a small sales team who cover a large territory. Their sales team needed a solution to track contacts, patients, clinics, and deal progress.

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The Challenges

While Zoho provided an affordable service with all of the features they needed, Frontline found understanding the system and getting timely support to be a challenge. They needed a way to quickly set up the system for their needs and responsive support to answer their specific questions. Their industry niche required tracking of specific data not available in the standard CRM, as well as on-the-road and in-office quick access to reports and customer information.

Finding a Solution

Frontline Medical sought an affordable solution with the ability to customize workflows to fit their unique needs. While Zoho met their criteria, understanding the system and timely support proved challenging. Enter BMI's partnership—a commitment to fast, responsive training and support. 

Frontline Medical Quote"BMI first provided training and then customized our screens to catch the correct data and then customized reports so we could utilize that information in our planning." -Laura Tschida, CMO of Frontline Medical

Implementation and Results

Zoho CRM, with customized workflows, templates, and reports, was swiftly integrated. Live training on demand ensured a seamless transition. Results were immediate—operational efficiency, cost savings, and scalability. Frontline Medical now efficiently tracks their industry-specific sales process. Thus, Frontline Medical has chosen to continue utilizing both Zoho and BMI as the platforms for their sales process. The team leverages these platforms for customizing the app, as well as for training and supporting the team.

Frontline Medical Quote"We now utilize not only templates but customized reports at the push of a button." -Laura Tschida, CMO of Frontline Medical

About BMI

BMI, a leading Zoho Partner, specializes in expert consulting services, demonstrating a proven track record in implementing Zoho solutions. Their commitment to tailored solutions has made them a trusted partner in the Zoho ecosystem, helping businesses streamline processes, enhance productivity, and achieve success.

BMI seeks to discover the root causes of your pain points, the true objectives you seek to accomplish, and address concerns on a foundational level. It's not about pure Zoho implementation expertise, it's about discerning what your business' needs truly are, then masterfully leveraging Zoho's apps to support those needs.

Frontline Medical Quote"BMI was Fast, Fast, Fast in training and customization. Within in 2 weeks, I knew more about Zoho than after having used it myself for a year." -Laura Tschida, CMO of Frontline Medical