Case Study - Quanta Laboratories, a Leading Environmental Test Lab, Leveraging Zoho Solutions to Transform Operations

By - Fufang
12.07.23 1:50 PM

Quanta Laboratories, the largest Environmental/Mechanical Test lab in Northern California, has been a cornerstone in supporting product testing for various high-tech industries for nearly four decades. However, they faced operational challenges due to outdated pen-and-paper processes. With the help of Zoho CRM, Books, custom Deluge scripts, and Zoho Flow, they streamlined their business processes and enhanced their invoicing system

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About Quanta Laboratories

Quanta Laboratories is the premier independent environmental testing laboratory in Northern California. For almost 40 years, they have supported the product testing requirements of the nation's computer, fiber optics, telecommunications, medical, food, electrical vehicle, aerospace/defense, and other high-tech electronic industries. Quanta is a recognized provider of environmental stress screening (ESS/HALT/HASS), vibration, shock, temperature/humidity/altitude testing, NEBS/seismic testing, engineered test services and special tests.Their commitment to providing quality testing services is at the core of their business.

The Challenges

Before embracing Zoho, Quanta Laboratories struggled with an outdated CRM system, manual processes, and challenging customer invoicing. These issues were hindering their ability to serve their clients efficiently and maintain a competitive edge.

  • Quanta Laboratories faced an array of operational challenges prior to implementing Zoho solutions. 
  • Outdated pen-and-paper processes consumed time and introduced the risk of errors. Their existing CRM system was ill-suited for their industry-specific needs, hindering customer interaction and data management. 
  • Inefficient invoicing processes resulted in time-consuming back-and-forth communication between departments. 
Challenges were impacting efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance. The need for a transformation became evident to maintain their status as the leading independent environmental testing laboratory in Northern California. This set the stage for their partnership with Zoho and BMI to address these critical issues. 

Finding a Solution

Quanta Laboratories embarked on an extensive search to find a solution that could seamlessly align with their unique business processes and industry-specific needs. Their journey involved in-depth research and evaluation of multiple CRM and business management software options, with a focus on strict selection criteria. They sought versatility, customization capabilities, and user-friendliness, aiming for a solution that could adapt to their industry demands and foster future growth. Recognizing the importance of expert guidance, they partnered with BMI, a Premium Zoho Partner. Quanta Laboratories chose Zoho over other alternatives due to its versatility, extensive suite of applications, and the potential to tailor solutions to their specific needs. This strategic partnership with Zoho and BMI laid the foundation for overcoming their operational challenges.

Implementation and Results

The implementation of Zoho solutions marked a pivotal turning point in Quanta Laboratories' operations. 

  • By leveraging Zoho CRM, Books, custom Deluge scripts, and Zoho Flow from BMI, the company achieved significant results, notably streamlining invoicing processes and saving valuable hours previously spent on inter-departmental communication. 
  • The ability to customize Zoho to their specific needs, along with the creation of a customized Accounts Payable (AP) statement system using Zoho Creator, resulted in enhanced financial management and operational efficiency. 
  • Moreover, BMI's expertise ensured the seamless integration of these solutions, setting the stage for future growth.
Beyond cost and time savings, the positive impact extended across all departments, allowing sales, finance, and customer service to operate more efficiently. BMI's contribution to this transformation makes them an invaluable asset in Quanta Laboratories' journey toward achieving their long-term goals.

Quanta Laboratories Quote"If I were doing this again, I would have brought BMI from the start." - Terry Liu, VP Operations at Quanta Labs

About BMI

BMI, a leading Zoho Partner, specializes in expert consulting services, demonstrating a proven track record in implementing Zoho solutions. Their commitment to tailored solutions has made them a trusted partner in the Zoho ecosystem, helping businesses streamline processes, enhance productivity, and achieve success.

BMI seeks to discover the root causes of your pain points, the true objectives you seek to accomplish, and address concerns on a foundational level. It's not about pure Zoho implementation expertise, it's about discerning what your business' needs truly are, then masterfully leveraging Zoho's apps to support those needs.