Case Study - RaySolar, a Leading Renewable Energy Solutions, Optimizing Operations with Customized Zoho CRM

By - Fufang
12.15.23 1:26 PM

Raysolar's mission revolves around simplifying renewable energy. With offices in Kenora, Ontario, and Winnipeg, Manitoba, the team is dedicated to making renewable energy accessible. They serve clients seeking renewable energy solutions and operate in the beautiful landscapes of Ontario and Manitoba. The heart of their work lies in our commitment to making a positive environmental impact through renewable energy solutions. Prior to adopting Zoho, they faced challenges in managing operations across two offices, impacting customer and inventory management.

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The Challenges

Raysolar faced a dual challenge in managing operations across offices in Kenora, Ontario, and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Communication gaps and information silos between locations led to delays in addressing customer inquiries and disrupted inventory management. These issues not only impacted day-to-day operations but also posed a threat to Raysolar's commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions. The need for a cohesive system became evident to simplify operations and maintain the high standards set by Raysolar in the renewable energy sector.

Finding a Solution

RaySolar discovered Zoho as the ideal solution due to its comprehensive suite of tools. The search for a solution led them to select Zoho over other options. A key factor in their success was the collaboration with BMI, a Zoho Premium Partner who brought valuable insights and assistance to the solution.

Implementation and Results

The integration of Zoho's suite, with a focus on customization through Zoho CRM facilitated by BMI, marked a significant milestone in RaySolar's operations. BMI's expertise ensured the seamless incorporation of customized fields and modules, addressing specific challenges in customer and inventory management. Particularly impactful was the introduction of custom tabs, such as the "Technical issues" tab, which revolutionized customer interactions. Their customers could now articulate concerns precisely, expediting communication and facilitating direct engagement with engineers for prompt issue resolution. This approach not only heightened customer satisfaction but also demonstrated immediate operational improvements. The collaborative efforts between Raysolar, Zoho, and BMI showcased how Zoho's customization feature can be a game-changer, setting the stage for sustained success in the renewable energy sector.

Raysolar Quote"We no longer need to figure out what the customer is trying to say - they can fill out the form exactly and it gets sent to the enginners - Lovely!" - Ashley Gerus, Operations Manager at Raysolar

About BMI

BMI, a leading Zoho Partner, specializes in expert consulting services, demonstrating a proven track record in implementing Zoho solutions. Their commitment to tailored solutions has made them a trusted partner in the Zoho ecosystem, helping businesses streamline processes, enhance productivity, and achieve success.

BMI seeks to discover the root causes of your pain points, the true objectives you seek to accomplish, and address concerns on a foundational level. It's not about pure Zoho implementation expertise, it's about discerning what your business' needs truly are, then masterfully leveraging Zoho's apps to support those needs.

Raysolar Quote "The lines of communication have been easy. I typically get an email back letting me know when I can expect an answer or result. I appreciate knowing without asking the expected timeline." - Ashley Gerus, Operations Manager at Raysolar