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The software designed with small business in mind: 
Zoho One.

Tired of a hodgepodge of software that doesn't communicate seamlessly?  Integration issues that generate more work for you and your team?  Rigid and outdated technology?  With Zoho One as the operating system for your business, you can say goodbye to those tech troubles.  With over 50 different applications, complete customizability, 100% integrations, a multitude of plug-n-play APIs, and an unbeatable price, you'll wonder how you ever operated without it.  Bring heavyweight tech - the same one used by titans like Amazon, Telsa, and Apple - to your small business, without the headache.

New Tech Anxiety?  No Problem: Expert Support Included!

There is nothing worse than a solution that is more problematic than the original issue.  BMI knows how difficult it can be to uproot and change all the software a business relies on, and how monumental a task that can seem.  Have no fear though!  Every Zoho suite purchased through BMI includes support to make your transition smooth.  With expert guidance and set-up assistance, migration to Zoho has never been easier.  If technology is not your cup of tea, BMI has complete start-to-finish options for handling it all for you: we set it up, we train your team, we provide ongoing support.  With experience using cloud-based software predating most people even knowing what the "cloud" was, you know that BMI will transform your business' migration from anxiety-inducing to stress-relieving.

​​What applications does zoho have?

Zoho's loooong list of apps

You name it...
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Contact Manager
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Document Storage
  • Video Conferencing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Custom Databases
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Marketing ROI & Management
  • Email Campaigns
  • Website
  • Project & Task Management
  • Surveys
  • Analytics
  • eCommerce
  • Internal Communications
  • Customer Support Ticket Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Signature
  • Password Management & Security
  • Screen Capture & Annotations
  • ...and so very much more. 

​What does the process look like?

​the steps


You decide Zoho One is right for you and your organization, and click the Buy Now button.


You receive an email from BMI with an information collection form.  After filling it out, BMI will set up your Zoho One suite with all the data you provide, then turn over the login credentials to you and your staff.


You and your staff log in, and start to get acquainted with your new software.  BMI will help troubleshoot any issues you encounter and ensure that everyone is set up to your liking.


As you use and learn more about your Zoho One suite, you can rest assured that you have the full support of the Zoho team, 24/7.  You can always direct inquiries and support requests to Zoho, no matter how big or small, and trust that their incredible support team is there to help you out.


Your company thrives like never before with the power of Zoho One.  Eventually, you grow so successful that you need automations and custom workflows developed to help support your new growth... and, naturally, BMI has you covered with Workflow and Automation Development services!

​What If I need some more info?


Why Zoho? Why not G Suite, Microsoft Office, or any of the other software?

It's about having it all; the one-stop software for absolutely everything.

We've done the research for you, we've tried them all, and the results are in: no other business operating software comes close to the power and functionality Zoho has.  Zoho's approach to the One suite is simple: design the software with complete integration in mind, 100% cloud-based, for companies of every industry and size, and allow for workflows and automations across every app; there is no business that can't benefit from Zoho One.  Even more, Zoho's integrations are unrivaled (they build every application in-house) so data flows seamlessly from one app to another.  Other software suites are missing key pieces, integrations, automations, white-label branding, customizations, and workflows are simply not as straightforward, or are prohibitively priced for smaller businesses.  BMI doesn't say this because we're a Zoho partner, either.  Instead, we became a partner to endorse them, because of how much we believe in Zoho's product.

What benefits are there to acquiring the software subscription through BMI, as opposed to directly from Zoho?

Much to gain and nothing to lose.

BMI works directly with Zoho as its Authorized Partner and is committed to your business' successful utilization of all of the applications included in the complete software suite. With that in mind, BMI can provide an additional layer of ongoing user support that encompasses set-up, on-boarding, training, and troubleshooting. Zoho's robust and exceptional support team remains at your disposal in addition to BMI.  There are so many opportunities for increasing efficiency through customization and automation in Zoho One that BMI's experts can handle for you. Though, depending on the complexity involved, there may be additional charges associated with this. Check with us to learn more.

Does it cost more to subscribe to the business operating system through BMI versus acquiring a subscription directly from Zoho?

No, not at all.

The software price is the same regardless of whether you subscribe to the software through BMI or directly from Zoho. We do not markup Zoho's pricing at all.  Subscribing through BMI, however, provides your business with the opportunity for additional user support, training, set-up and configuration assistance, and customer service contacts, as your needs dictate.

May I just subscribe to the software tools without BMI Membership or individual services?

Yes, absolutely.

BMI is an authorized Zoho Partner and can organize the complete operating system suite for your business regardless of whether it is a part of the BMI Membership community or not.

How much does the software cost on its own?

It's almost unbelievably affordable!

Click here for a free trial.

The complete suite of apps associated with the business operating system is priced according to the size of your business and the number of employees it has. There are discounts for those wishing to subscribe on an annual basis versus month-to-month. Furthermore, there is an additional substantial discount available for businesses that purchase licenses for all employees on its payroll.

Here is a summary of the four main subscription pricing models available:

  1. Based on an annual subscription for all your employees, your business can subscribe to the complete operating system software suite for ~$35* per employee per month. There is a minimum of 5 licenses required and no upper limit.
  2. Based on a month-to-month subscription for all your employees, your business can subscribe to the complete operating system software suite for ~$40* per employee per month.
  3. Based on an annual subscription for only select employees (i.e. you need not purchase licenses for all employees on this plan), your business can subscribe to the complete operating system software suite for ~$85* per employee license per month.
  4. Based on a month-to-month subscription for only select employees (i.e. you need not purchase licenses for all employees on this plan), your business can subscribe to the complete operating system software suite for ~$100* per employee license per month.

*Note: The pricing shown is plus applicable tax and is in USD.

What about the privacy of my data? What is Zoho and BMI's Privacy Policies?

Your data is protected, private, and most importantly, yours.

Zoho's Privacy Policy - which can be seen by following this link - is a stance against the big tech companies demanding that they own your data, as part of the user agreement.  Your data is your data.  Zoho has vowed to never capitalize on data that you or your organization might provide; that means they don't sell it, they never do targetted advertisements, and they protect it with the same encryptions and failsafes they protect their own data with.  Long story short, you can trust that your, your business, and your customers' data is safe with Zoho.

BMI, likewise, recognizes and protects your right to your data.  Our Privacy Policy can be seen here, and, like Zoho, our commitment to data protection and privacy is at the forefront of our minds.  All of the data BMI collects, as a necessary part of aiding and serving you and your business, is kept private and secure.


​​Ready to Integrate? Start your Zoho Journey now:

Zoho One Suite - 1 Year Subscription w/ BMI Set-up and Zoho Support

Buy Now

$2779 / Year USD + tax

*Pricing includes 1 year subscription to Zoho One with 5 licenses, Zoho's 24/7 Ongoing Support, as well as 10 hours of BMI's Zoho expert time to set-up, train, and provide support to you and your team, to get you off to a rolling start.  Additional licenses and extra support addons available for purchase.

A comphrensive and adaptable software suite can be the difference between mediocre results and overwhelming success.  Our President discusses the power of having the right tools for the job, and why software - specifically, Zoho - is essential for smooth business operation.