With special knowledge of the gold-standard and globally-studied management system known as The Toyota Way, BMI is uniquely positioned to provide its Membership Community with competitive advantages and opportunities to achieve elusive objectives.

Derived from BMI's collective experience there arises unwavering certainty of the existence of a universally applicable set of management practices. BMI establishes this set of management practices within its member's organizations.


Ready to put BMI to work for you?

What exactly does BMI do?
BMI effectively serves as the general management mechanism for its membership (i.e. the businesses it serves). BMI's mission is to enhance its clients' Wellth ( our term for holistic and integrated wellness) through the careful alignment of all stakeholders' objectives. Holistic and integrated wellness includes physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial health. Stakeholders include business owners/shareholders, management, frontline personnel, third-party vendors, customers, and the community.

BMI is the only broad-gauge business solutions provider that utilizes a holistic approach and focuses on the overall well-being of the owners, integrating strategies for simultaneous personal and professional success.

Businesses typically possess the expertise they need to compete within their markets. Yet, there are systemic problems common to many businesses that result in symptoms such as under-performance, lack of cooperation among key team members, frustration, and inefficiency. Furthermore, some of the most seemingly successful businesses fail to meet one or more of the primary objectives of its owners and contribute collateral dysfunction in the personal lives of their stakeholders.

BMI quickly identifies such symptoms and dysfunctions, diagnose the source, and applies strategic remedies allowing businesses and their owners to thrive
What is Wellth Management?

Wellth is our term for holistic and integrated wellness through the careful alignment of all stakeholders’ objectives.  Holistic and integrated wellness includes physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial health.  Stakeholders include business owners/shareholders, management, frontline personnel, third-party vendors, customers, and the community.

What does membership entail?

BMI Community Members enjoy full access to the entire array of business solutions, services, and tools offered by BMI in consideration of their membership fees (see the pricing section for more information regarding membership fees).  Additionally, members network with a diverse community of business owners and benefit from mutual support, strategic advice, brainstorming, the sharing of best practices, and accountability.  Not only do members experience mentorship, but also participate as mentors themselves and develop invaluable growth in leadership skills and keen insight into business success formulae.  BMI Community Members may also realize an additional revenue stream through referrals to the community.

What's the catch? How can you include all of these services at such low prices?

BMI leverages lean management principles, economies of scale, virtual communication, and strict controls regarding the distribution and expenditure of resources for its members to benefit from unrivaled value.  The very fact that there exists so much waste and inefficiency in most business models is what affords BMI the opportunity to undercut alternatives that members have for operating their businesses.

What is not included as part of my business' membership?

We bet you'll be amazed at just how much BMI will be able to take off your plate and manage for you. However, there are a few things we don't do for you: break dancing lessons, hair removal, and babysitting.

  • BMI does not provide "boots on ground" involvement in your business operations and management. Also, we operate on the premise that you either already possess or will endeavour to gain the industry expertise necessary to succeed. For example, if you are in the business of space travel, BMI will not profess to bring any special astronomical insights to the table. Instead, we let you stick to the things for which you have passion and expertise while we support business operations and management. Additionally, it is presumed that locational (i.e. on the premises) staff required to run your business is an additional expense for your business and is not included as part of the membership fee. For example, businesses utilizing a sales team will incur this expense above and beyond BMI Membership fees. However, BMI will support your business in attracting, hiring, and retaining such staff (i.e. Human Resources support). 

  • Management of your marketing strategy is included, but the advertising and promotions budget is not. So, your Super Bowl commercial is on your dime.

  • Hardware, supplies, and business equipment are not included. Also, our software integrates more easily and ubiquitously than practically anything else available. If you decide to incorporate a process in your organization using the integration of a third-party software, any associated licensing fees or subscriptions levied by that third-party are not included.

Oh...and, you've gotta make your own coffee.

Am I contractually obligated to a long-term commitment?

No. Members are free to leave if ever they feel they are not receiving excellent value associated with BMI. The BMI business model relies on commensurate value exchange and members wanting to engage with the BMI Community because of the benefits they receive - not out of legal obligation. Some members will choose only to commit from month to month. Some membership fee bundles are structured so that paying for an annual subscription provides a substantial discount over a monthly membership. The choice is yours. 

The obvious should be noted; mental commitment and perseverance in the pursuit of any goal pays dividends and benefits from a long-term outlook.

Why do I need to apply for membership?

BMI provides unrivalled value to its members by ensuring that demand for resources does not exceed supply. To provide its members the ideal conditions for success, BMI must prioritize existing member needs and restrict the rate at which membership grows to be commensurate with BMI's ability to scale its resources. Membership applications assist BMI in ascertaining the needs of prospective members (i.e. interested businesses) as well as the availability of business service resources.

Furthermore, BMI emphasizes a culture of mutual accountability and adherence to core values. The application process enables both prospective members and BMI to evaluate their compatibility. 

Finally, BMI seeks to grow and diversify its membership in such a way as to provide maximum benefit and synergy to existing and incoming members alike. For example, there may be an opening for a member that operates in a specific industry, possesses particular expertise, or has specific needs, giving preferential weight to applicants that match this criteria. However, as these conditions change with time, previous applications will be reconsidered for membership openings.

I'm on the membership waiting list. How long should I expect to wait? How often does BMI accept new members?

Due to the nature of how BMI serves its Community Members and upholds its service standards, as well as unknown factors such as membership attrition, there is no preset period prospective members may remain on the waiting list, nor are there predetermined intervals for waiting list review. Moreover, there is no specific number of members that BMI accepts at any given time. Rather, new member applications are continually under review and qualifying new members are invited to join as soon as the availability of requisite resources make expansion possible. 

Please refer to the other FAQs regarding membership application for additional information.

What assurances can I rely on regarding the security of my business' proprietary information and confidentiality surrounding data it shares?

BMI takes privacy and data security extremely seriously. Indeed, the ongoing success of its business model depends on its utmost efforts to protect its members' information and maintain its members' trust. Yet, there is always an inherent risk in sharing information. BMI is completely transparent with its members regarding how data is used or shared. BMI never sells member information/data, nor does it share it beyond the scope of what is described in its membership agreements. The software applications employed in BMI's and members' business operations do not collect data for advertising purposes and operate with strict data security protocols. Furthermore, all members agree to strict confidentiality standards and enter into legal agreements defining the same (i.e. non-disclosure agreements - aka NDAs). All this notwithstanding, BMI strongly recommends that members and prospective members take all reasonable measures to protect their data and proprietary information, especially if or whenever they determine that their standards for security or privacy are not being met. Also, members should always alert BMI to any security or privacy concerns that arise.

Philisophically, BMI operates on the premise that transparency is far more liberating than privacy. With that in mind, members are respectfully encouraged to reflect on what truly constitutes a secret worth keeping. 

Join Our Team

We are always interested in hearing from and exploring opportunities for employment with outstanding and talented individuals.

And, we favor "raw materials" over experience and lengthy resumes.  Here are the "must-haves":

  • Honesty
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Remarkable Intelligence
  • Strong Motivation
  • Ability to Thrive Autonomously

BMI team members receive and provide mentoring within a contextual environment.  We can teach those with the right fit, aptitude, and attitude to become successful members of our team.