Overview Description of BMI Services

Core Member Services:

BMI’s methodology is centered on fundamental human needs and foundational market principles, utilizing business basics that can be ubiquitously applied regardless of industry, market, team size, or requisite company-specific specialized knowledge. 

Human Resources

Jack Welch, former CEO of GE and management guru, argues that HR is the most important function of a company.


Lifeblood - plain and simple. Effective marketing strategies breathe vitality into organizations; without it, they wither.

Business Administration

Herein lay the backbone of the organization and its operations. 


It's about more than "bean-counting".

Business Operating System/IT

We set it up. We train your team. We provide ongoing support.

Wellth Management

BMI is the only broad-gauge business solutions provider that utilizes a...

Remove the clutter!

Our members choose BMI to assist with the daily operational distractions that take their focus off those things they most love doing.  In doing so, BMI is able to enable business owners to concentrate on the big picture and accomplish those objectives that are most important.