Observations of Man (Part 2)

By A BMI Team Member

Part 2


Does a bank, having given a loan to one customer, clear and void that debt if the debt of a secondary customer is repaid? Does the hunger of a laborer become satisfied because his fellow laborer eats their fill? It seems obvious that, though the logical process of events is satisfied, ...

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Observations of Man

By A BMI Team Member

Part 1


What is it about the rich and famous that makes their lives so interesting, so mesmerizing, so worth publicizing as dramas and tabloid articles and documentaries? 


Adam Smith argues that the nature of humankind is to associate the rich and powerful with that of being wise and v...

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Job Development and Coronavirus: Understanding the Impact

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COVID-19, more commonly known simply as the coronavirus, has left an indelible impact upon the world in multiple arenas—business, health, economy, politics, finance, and more. As businesses continue to cope with the changes necessitated by the pandemic and resulting in quarantine in many countries, ...

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Optimizing Price Balancing for Maximum Effect

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In the world of competitive business, determining the pricing at a company is one of the most significant challenges that upper management will face. Set prices too high and consumers will not engage with the brand, nor will the margin for profit remain in the business’ favor after considering the c...

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Efficiency in the Challenging Times: Using an Elastic Digital Workplace

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In the current climate of a world facing challenges due to COVID-19 and the societal and economic structures it has disrupted, businesses around the world have struggled to cope. However, some have fared significantly better than others, and one of the primary reasons is an elastic—or, in other word...

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