Observations of Man (Part 5)

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Part 5


Render unto Caesar, it is said, what is Caesar's. The astute might observe in this expression, however, no mention of anything beyond that. It does not suggest that one renders to Caesar what is proper, what is expected, what might earn favor or gratitude, or what might be above or bel...

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Observations of Man (Part 4)

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Part 4

The ends justify the means, always. That is, of course, the very premise of the decision to execute any means to achieve any end, independent of the notions of good or evil, of merit or demerit. The debate, then, about whether the ends justify the means, that society or any congregated group...

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Observations of Man (Part 3)

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Mob mentality is an interesting and powerful phenomena. It can incite riots among the civil, and peace among warring factions. The power of mob mentality lies in the fact that, as observed in other postings within the Wellth Blog, the human tendency is to sympathize with the emotions of...

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Observations of Man (Part 2)

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Part 2


Does a bank, having given a loan to one customer, clear and void that debt if the debt of a secondary customer is repaid? Does the hunger of a laborer become satisfied because his fellow laborer eats their fill? It seems obvious that, though the logical process of events is satisfied, ...

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Observations of Man

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Part 1


What is it about the rich and famous that makes their lives so interesting, so mesmerizing, so worth publicizing as dramas and tabloid articles and documentaries? 


Adam Smith argues that the nature of humankind is to associate the rich and powerful with that of being wise and v...

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